Honors Program

About the Honors Program


The mission of the Honors Program at the Lebanese American University is to provide enhanced educational opportunities for selected, motivated and academically inquisitive undergraduate students from various academic disciplines.


The Honors Program is a selective program that provides enhanced educational opportunities for motivated, academically talented and inquisitive undergraduate students from various disciplines.

The program offers special courses in small classes with greater opportunities for participation, increased student-faculty interaction, more individual attention, lively discussions of contemporary issues and other projects specially designed to challenge talented students.

Honors courses enroll an average of 20 students per class, to be able to foster an enhanced academic relationship between students and faculty.

As an Honors student, you will be actively engaged in the learning process resulting in a greater intellectual and emotional investment.

You should expect challenging readings and writings to broaden your knowledge, adding dimension and depth to the topics in question. Honors courses include team work and a research component — they emphasize enriched rather than accelerated learning.