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Graduation of Honors students Spring 2022
Valedictorian Yara El Zoughby
Graduation of Honors Students Spring 2021
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Architecture Honors Graduates
Honors Program Graduation Ceremony
Honors Graduates Spring 2022
Biology Honors Graduates Spring 2022

Welcome to the Honors Program at LAU!

The Honors Program is a selective program that provides enhanced educational opportunities for motivated, academically talented and inquisitive undergraduate students from various disciplines.

The program offers special courses in small classes with greater opportunities for participation, increased student-faculty interaction, more individual attention, lively discussions of contemporary issues and other projects specially designed to challenge talented students.


Sabine Bejjani  - Testimonial Honors (2).jpg

The small classrooms, graduate courses, and tailored curricula allowed me to dive deeper into my major and reflect more on my post-graduation aspirations. Beyond its academic benefits, the Honors program gave me experiences in and out of classrooms I’ll never forget, teachers to hold dear forever, and friends to keep close forever.
Sabine Bejjani, Economics, Spring 2021

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