Honors Program



The variety of interesting courses offered were a refreshing change compared to the courses biology students such as myself have become accustomed to throughout the years.
Anthony Maalouf, Biology major


From getting exposed to the beautiful world of Islamic Art to writing a research paper about existentialism, classes were demanding but infinitely rewarding. The intellectual stimulus triggered by illustrious instructors and discussions of advanced topics was a pleasure you rarely relish in a regular class.
Lynn Elbeyrouthy, Economics major


The program provides a challenging classroom environment with a focus on self-development.
Joseph El Haddad, Architecture major


Honors courses at LAU made us grow intellectually and expanded our knowledge on so many subjects. The small class size, depth of the material given, and challenging atmosphere provided us with an exceptional opportunity to work hard and fulfill our greatest potential.
Christina Abi Faraj, Biology major


The Honors Program gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and broaden my horizons. The interactive learning atmosphere as well as the lively workshops definitely enriched my journey. Thank you LAU for this unique experience.
Celine Dagher, Banking and Finance major


The Honors program helped me improve my academic skills and refined my personal and social ones with the unique experience I had at the workshops too.
Ghazi Bou Ghanem, Biology major


The kind of skills students learn are very much related to leadership, interviews, critical thinking, active listening, and working well within groups. Such workshops are very practical and cover skills that are needed in most jobs.
Dr. Dany Badran, Associate Professor of English and Critical Linguistics


Work with students is thrilling. The interaction is unique, along with the benefits of having a smaller student-to-instructor ratio. Islamic architecture is alien to most people but they express such enthusiasm that it is a pleasure to talk to them and answer their questions.
Dr. Abdallah Kahil, Associate Professor and Director of the Institute of Islamic Art and Architecture